Kuyuk Buduga

A wild adventurer with a soulful spirit

About Kuyuk

Full Name: Kuyuk Buduga
Gender: Cis Male
Species: Au Ra; Xaela
Age: 28
Birthday: 1st Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Sexuality: Bisexual - strong male leaning
Relationship status: Dating Senja Ura and Kito Tia
Residence: Mist apartments
Height: 7'1"
Build: Toned, lean
Hair Color: Purple and green
Eye Color: Purple with white limbal rings
Skin Color: Violet
Distinguishing Marks: Body piercings in his nipples and down below. Inky black scales.
Place of Birth: The Azim Steppe
Mother: Zaya Borlaaq (he never met her)
Father: Dayir Buduga (died when Kuyuk was young)
Siblings: Narin Buduga

RP Hooks

-Buduga tribe. Kuyuk was born and raised within the Buduga tribe. If your character is also a Buduga or an Oronir or someone who had dealings with those tribes, they likely would know each other to some extent. Just ask OOC!

-Makes jewelry as well as glass and clay items. He's sold these handcrafted items before at Reunion. Perhaps your character has commissioned him!

-All things Xaela! Maybe our characters have crossed paths on the Steppe before. Friends, rivals, ect.? Just ask!

OOC Info

Always open to meeting new friends and RP contacts.
Prefer to RP with those 18+
Located in the EST time zone.
In game or Discord RP!

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